In this video I would like to share why you need real estate marketing services as a real estate professional. Let's face the facts. If you have gotten to this video then I may know a thing or two about marketing. I am definitly not here to toot my own horn about marketing since I have been doing it for over a decade.

You are here because you know you need real estate marketing services and I am looking for the right clients to assist them with their real estate marketing needs. I am a certified customer acquisition specialist and it's just a professional way of saying I am the guy that's p
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roven to be able to get you customers using multiple different paid and non paid marketing strategies across multiple different platforms.
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I’m Josh Wheeler the CEO of Lightstream Marketing and in this video I will be showing you 7 Levels of Investors in just 3 minutes. If you are interested in 7 Levels of Investors then make sure you watch until the end for exactly how to grow through the 7 Levels of Investors. In this video I will give you some tips, tricks and hacks to use for each of the 7 Levels of Investors to gain success in the fastest time possible!
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